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Activity Report not complete, missing camping/service/hiking

Apologies for a repeat question, but in going through previous forum topics, it seems like the issues were resolved by SUAC outside of the thread so I’m not sure what the resolution to this was.

I am CC for our troop and ran activity reports on all scouts. Of 60, 17 came back with errors - the summary report shows the correct number (I checked individual totals in IA itself) but when I run the individual log reports, it’s showing fewer activities/numbers. It doesn’t seem consistent - some are missing camping nights, some service hours, some hiking miles.

I’ve set the date range from Jan 1, 2010 to Dec 31, 2021, which should capture anything the scout has done since joining BSA. I have approved all activity; as a Key3 that should do it, right?

Thank you!


Can you provide the BSA Member ID (no names) of a few Scouts with this issue?

Yes, here are a few:



Developers are asking for an example of at least one activity that is missing from the report for a single user. They suggested 132417431.

For scout 13241731, he should have:
Service: 12.5 hrs
Conservation: 6.5 hrs
Log report shows 11.5 and 5.5 hrs.
Comparing his record in IA and the log report, it looks like the troop activity on 5/23/2020 wasn’t included - this counts as a conservation project, so it affected both. This activity was approved in IA.

Camping should be 13 nights, 20 days; report shows 13 nights 18 days

More worrying was for scout 136236739, for whom the log report only showed 2 service hours (dated 12/18/21).

He should have:17 nights, 24 days camping; 13.75hrs service, and 11 miles hiking.


The developers have looked into this issue. They said some of the missing events for 13241731 occurred before the Date Joined Scouts BSA. The default for the Activity Log Report is to exclude all activities before the Date Joined Scouts BSA. Set the Date Joined selector to All Dates and let us know if this fixes your issue.

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Thank you, yes! This seems to have fixed the issue.
The only problem now is that I’ll have to customize each activity report by date for when they actually joined the troop and then run by All Dates - or we’ll have their cub activities on the report too.
Not a huge issue, though.

So are you saying the date joined is incorrect? You should be able to change that by editing a Scout’s profile in Scoutbook.

I’m not following. It defaults to only showing activities since joining Scouts BSA and not cubs.


In addition to the points made above, I’ll nite that certain awards (National Outdoor Awards) can include activities done in any BSA program, not just in Scouts BSA. So, those camping nights from Cub Scouts get a second life!

When I use All Dates, I get any activity that was recorded in Scoutbook, both cub and troop.
When I use Date Joined Scouts BSA, I get activity that was recorded since they were entered with the troop in Scoutbook. This date isn’t necessarily when they started activities with the troop - in the second example (the scout whose log report only showed 2hrs service but had camping, service, and hiking with the troop) - the family decided that he and his scouter parent would switch over from cubs at recharter (which happened in early Dec). However, they participated in activities with the troop after bridging since March, so those activities didn’t get captured in the log.

Maybe the easiest fix would be to change the date joined in their profiles, as @SageLichtenwalner suggested.


You should set the Date Joined Scouts BSA to the date they first registered with any Troop. This is in the Scout’s profile.

In your example of the family that decided not to register with the Troop until recharter, unfortunately, that Scout was still a Cub Scout since then and not eligible to get credit for Scouts BSA awards.

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