Activity Report Bug for at Least one Scout

Good Evening,
I’m running activity reports and exporting them to CSV for compilation/analysis of data for CoH. The activity report in IA2 is now missing multiple past entries for a particular Scout prior to 2021, thus incorrect totals. This particular Scout recently aged out and earned Eagle Scout.
Scout Member ID: 131949882
Camping Nights: 61 (as reported by IA2, which matches activity report ran back in May for his EBOR)
Camping Nights: 16 (as reported by the activity report)
Respectfully, Charles

Same scout now a similar issue where his hiking miles prior to March 2022 are also not being reported on activity report… balance on his IA2 profile still correct.

@CharlesCollings What parameters are you using when you run the report?

At the bottom of the report, do you see a reference number? It should look something like: “ref: PD-” followed by a bunch of numbers.


For the identified Scout his current Activity report is incomplete for Service, Hiking, and Camping.

Report operation as follows:
IA2 Roster, Select the Scout, click on “Run Report”, “Activity Log Report”, then
Options: Date start going back 10 year to ensure capturing all data & Date Joined Scouts BSA
Options Checked: Service Log, Camping Log, Hiking Log, Current Members Only.

I’m only running it for the one scout, but I get the same incomplete report for this scout when run an activity log report for the entire troop of current members.

Report ref: PD-20230727201721-250417-537516

I have an earlier report saved prior to his EBOR that lists complete and correct activity information.
Report ref: PD-20230524172022-314274-601310

There is an odd error also at bottom of the current report, captioned below. However, I have checked the Scout’s profile in IA2 and there is a Date Joined Scouts BSA set for his account…
Error: * Date Joined Scouts BSA is missing or some activities are before this date. Results may be incomplete.

I can provide you a copy of both reports as PDFs – just not over the Forums.

VR, Charles

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