Activity Reports

It has been happening for a couple weeks at least. I have been trying to access the activity logs under troop reports. The message has read that “the information is unavailable. Try again later or report to forum (100).” I am not a key 3, but have had full control for a couple years. This has only started this summer.

Are you trying to access troop 156 or troop 813 (are you associated with troop 813 anymore? and if so which chartering org?)

Are is it another unit you are trying to access?

I had trouble with this a few days ago. Once the reports finally ran, they are incomplete.

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I am having the same problem. As a parent I can no longer get into the activity log and it is giving me a 404 error for the last 3 weeks. Prior to that, I was able to access it the last 2 years. What’s changed. Need help.

@JohnButcher1 Are you referring to your son, W? I don’t see anything wrong with your connection.

Troop 156 is the active Troop.

I am the Unit commisioner for Units 813 and 875. Which currently are not active.


I am attempting to access Troop 156. The Scout Master and Advancement Chair gave me access to assist.

I am unit commisioner for Units 813 and 875.

No I am trying to run the Troop Reports for activity on all scouts and leaders. I was given full access by scout master to assist the advancement chair.

Troop 156 Union Congregation. Unit 813 is no longer active. Thank you

I’m getting the same "the information is unavailable. Try again later or report to forum (100)” error. I’m a Den Leader trying to see my Den’s Cubs’ activity status/completion to know whose parents I need to contact about make-up/completion info. My work around is to click into each profile, but there has to be a quicker report to see it all.