Not connected to camping log

I was trying to input the last few campouts that the troop went on, but I no longer have access to the troop log. I can enter merit badges and rank advancements, but not camping or service hours. When it takes me to the page to report camping I am connected to the Cub Scout troop, but not the Boy Scout Troop. Any ideas what is going on?


Click the fleur-de-lis in the upper right corner. It sounds like your pack is selected, not your troop.

It only shows the pack and my son. It seems like the whole troop is missing.

@RoxanneYour - nothing else is listed in the dropdown? What is your registered position in the troop?

Your UAC for the Troop expired - it needs to be re-established by a Key 3 at


Obviously not a bug. . A deviation of expected condition

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