Parent Unable to Access Cub Scout History Reports

I’m having a similar issue. I need to view cub advancement history or get the report to print out for 2 of my scouts who are not currently paid members. Shouldn’t I be able to see this regardless of their membership status? We moved and haven’t decided if they want to be in a new troop yet because they also have just aged out of cubs. Is there another way to get this information?

I believe that the prior unit leader can pull that information up given the scout’s last name and BSA ID. I’m not sure that parents can reach that report if the scout isn’t associated with a unit.

Admins can pull them up from Reports on My Dashboard with MID and Last NAme

Thanks Charley and Donovan. I’ll see if I can get in touch with whomever is in charge of the previous pack we were in. I’m not sure if he’s still the cubmaster because I believe he was leaving once his kid aged out.

It’s a shame that parents/adult leaders can’t see that though. It would be nice to look back on the achievements from time to time (especially when the belts are MIA).

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I believe this is a bug. The other history reports work for parents after their scout has left the unit.

Does your error message say “ The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (100)”?

Yes, that is the error I receive on both. I am able to get my to my Wolf’s (he’s enrolled in a new unit), but the other two are not enrolled and I do get that exact error.

I have reported this to the developers.

The developers report that this is fixed

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