Cannot access activity logs

Hello, I am advancement chair for our troops, i am having problems accessing the activity logs for our G troop. When i click on it, it says scout not found in active unit. The unit is active and it is happening with all 6 of the girls. The parents can add it in but i cannot access it. Any help is appreciated. I have been added as a key 3 delegate with full control. This doesnt happen with our b troop. The same happens for our cc. Have contacted council and national and no one knows what to do!

@SerenaJohnson What specific steps are you taking to access the Activity Logs? Are you getting there via my.Scouting? Or are you going through Scoutbook?

I try going threw the web link and the advancent app.

You need to be more specific. Also, what “advancement app” are you talking about?

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