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I just entered the Medical form information for both our Cub Scouts and their Guardians, now I’m trying to run a report that shows who we have Medical forms from and I can only get it to show Scouts, not their Guardians.

I could run an Excel program and add them in but it seems there should be a way to just generate both Scouts and their Guardians since the information is in there, but I can’t figure this one out.

Hi, @CarlaKrahl,

Currently, reporting profile information for adults isn’t supported in Scoutbook. It’s not entirely clear to me why that is, since as a unit admin I can actually see the profiles of the adults (and have been able to do so since the beginning of my units’ use of Scoutbook). However, I understand from other posts that there is some sort of permissions issue involved.

If you are a unit admin, you can do a full backup/export of the adults via My Dashboard → My Units → Export/Backup → Leaders & Parents.

Oddly it doesn’t include the medical form dates as part of the export. This seems like a bug in the export, since nearly everything else comes over. SUAC thoughts?

ETA: So I tried exporting the scouts via the same method, and discovered that the medical form dates don’t appear to come out in that export, either. That definitely seems like a bug. I know I can get it via Report Builder, but it seems like Export/Backup should do exactly that, not only export portions of the database records.

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Adding medical form dates in the Export Backup files is on the backlog. I do not know when it will be scheduled.


Roger that. Thanks, @edavignon.

Thank you both for your assistance. I’ll just need to use the excel export and add Guardians in on that then.

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