Add AB and C Health Form expiration dates to RSVP Emails

Add AB and C Health Form expiration dates to RSVP Emails.

Add 2 years, rounded to the next month to the AB and C health form dates. Then, if you toggle a setting, the RSVP email will say “Your AB health form expires on blank. Your C health form expires on blank.”

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Are you suggesting this would be a separate function or automatically added to all event reminders?

If I had my drothers, there would be an option check to add AB reminder and ABC reminder to a particular event.

Well, since you are supposed to have an AB on file for most/all events, yes? If that would be easier, yes.


The Annual Health and Medical Records are only good for 1 year. Why would you want a date 2 years after the date in Scoutbook? The waiver for Part C expired at the end of August so anyone who is attending an activity that requires Part C must have one that was signed by a medical professional within 12 months of the event.

Sorry! Yes, you are right. Brain skip.

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