Health form renewal email

Is it possible for SB to automatically send a reminder/email to the Scout AND Parent that their medical form is about to expire if the unit fills in the medical form date fields? It would also be useful if that medical form box would limited to unit leaders to prevent a more recent date just so the reminders/emails would stop sending.


This would be good. I would also like an option to be included in RSVP emails. Basically - you are good for this activity health form wise or you need an update.


That would be really useful. I have a report in Roster Builder that has all the health form dates that we review periodically, but a canned monthly report would be a great help.

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I’m not so sure about that. Picture the scenario. The parent keeps getting emails that their scout’s form is out of date. They give the updated form to the appropriate leader, but the leader forgets to change the date. The parent’s only recourse is to unsubscribe from messages and possibly report scoutbook as spam. There might be ways to make it work, but those details would need to be worked out.

Well, I guess there’s an unstated assumption that leaders do the stuff they’re asked to do…

Forget might have been overly simplistic. They get overwhelmed with scouting or other aspects of life, they get sick, they go MIA, they go on vacation, etc…
Or imagine a unit that tried using SB and then stopped.

At a minimum, there would need to be a way for the parents to stop the emails without unsubscribing, but if you allow that, some parents might abuse that.

And that’s if the BSA is even willing to do anything. We know there are big resource constraints.

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That is why I would include them in the RSVP’s. Just a single line at the bottom.

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So that would make these like any other Scoutbook email message, then. I don’t necessarily see that as a problem…

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The idea to tag it on the end of other emails is good. Does not generate a nuisance, just “tacked on” to emails you’d get anyway. That’s the way another service I know of does it, it has never been an issue. It’s the #1 way I see that I need to fund the scout account.

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