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Health Forms Expiration dates visible to families

I have submitted this request or have asked questions about it previously. It would of GREAT help with parents got a notification or at least could view when their scouts documented health forms were expiring. If BSA requests annual forms then this should be a visible field in the scout’s information tab.

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It is visible on the profile page if the unit enters it

I have asked many parents to look at their scouts and parents cannot see this information on their scout’s information page. As a leader I can see if, but a standard user/ parent is not seeing this. I think that an alert going to the user for the forms being close to expiration etc.would be of great benefit also.



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@LeneWalters idea for an alert when user logs in sounds good. For us, most parents haven’t or aren’t interested in connecting to SB.
If you are not aware, you can create a custom report in the roster builder reports to list the health form data for all scouts and likely adults in your unit, and could post or email that to all parents.

Our unit uses Troopmaster (web2.0) which includes a great ready report for running/reviewing the unit health form status.

David - this is the second time that you promoted commercial competing software in the feature request forum. The OP wasn’t seeking recommendations on other software, but requesting a new Scoutbook feature.

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I see the same thing. Most of our parents haven’t logged into Scoutbook since their first log-in. They rely on the SB messages from the Scoutmaster/Committee Chair and their linked calendars.

If there was a pop-up that said “Your Scout’s Medical Forms are expired!” I doubt that more than three parents would see it.

Much more useful is a report for the leaders showing Med Form dates and Swim Test dates, so they can communicate the info to the parents.

It’s not ideal, but it’s realistic.

Another system appends to each email sent to a family a single line that says “A&B health forms expire MMDDYY; C health form expires MMSSYY”. It is in a small font and I think pretty useful.

Units can create a report to Show Health Form Dates and / or Show Swim Classification using Roster Builder Manager.


noted. not selling anything. Just a different option.

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Yes, We use a couple custom reports to do exactly that.

Also, we have a committee member who is responsible for hounding parents about Health Forms every year in the run up to summer camp. That’s the person that really uses this report.

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@DavidProvenzano I used to be a Troopmaster/ Packmaster fan when I was outvoted by the younger folks over 6 years ago. I have been a Scoutbook user since then and once I got over the fact that I had to use Scoutbook I started liking it. Now I am even a council admin. No computer program is perfect but let me tell you the biggest reason why in my opinion everyone should use Scoutbook (and not even Internet Advancement) is because this is a “one stop shop” so to say. That is where you track you scouts and everything gets reported automatically. All you need to do is print 2 reports to go shopping. Everyone that doesn’t use Scoutbook essentially does double the work. :wink:


We get physicals every July for an August troop campout. Health forms are good for 13 months in the event we can’t get in during July - so we could get 2 two august troop camps in on just one health form.
An annual check up is a good habit to be in.

This is not accurate. Heath forms are valid until the end of the month 1 year after the physician dates it. For example, if you have your physical on July 1, 2021, your form will be good until July 31, 2022, which is just about 13 months. If you have your physical on July 31, 2021, your form will be good until July 31, 2022 or 12 months.

From Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Annual Health and Medical Record

Q. What is meant by “Annual”?
A. An AHMR is valid through the end of the 12th month from the date it was administered by your medical provider. For example, a physical administered December 3, 2019, would be valid until December 31, 2020.

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So the health form is good for 396 days.

No, the health form is good from between 365 days and 396 days depending upon when it was signed. If it was signed on the last day of the month, then it is only good for 365 days. If it was signed on the first day of the month then it is good for up to 396 days.

The health form is good until the end of the month, 12 months after it was signed. A form signed in July 2020 is good until July 31, 2021. If needed for camp in August 2021, a new form is required.

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