Add adventures from prior Rank after advancement?

Hello - One of our Pack Admina in Scout Book advanced all of our dens without adding all of the electives which were completed. Is there a way to either move Dens backwards so the missing adventures may be added, or to add them retroactively?

Is there a way to contact the back-end administrators to batch add these?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter much, but I would like to have the records be accurate in the system.

We are still trying to learn how to properly use ScoutBook.

The easiest way I can think of offhand is to create a “temporary” den at the previous level, move the scouts “backward” into that den, update the records as needed, then move them back “forward” into the real den.

@adambillmeier - are you saying all of the scouts earned their respective rank or that the dens were moved up to the next level as in lion to tiger tiger to wolf etc. A bit of clarification would help.

@Adambillmeier - I can absolutely understand your want for accurate records and your Scouts will thank you one day. Our Pack likes to print out the Scouts History as part of their AOL package for Crossing Over. The parents love it and it makes a great addition to their Scrapbook. Anyways here we go.

Just to clarify, your admin “advanced” Lions to Tigers and Tigers to Wolf, etc., correct?

If that is the case then this is the easiest way I know how. Log into the “Internet Advancement”. Incase anyone is unfamiliar with it, you can find it at this link, also, your login is the same as scout book and if you are already logged in to SB then it should automatically load.

Once you are logged in find one of the scouts from each den that you need to correct then move to the far right of their line where you will see three dots, hover over those dots and you will see a selection box pop up. “Edit Den” & “Delete Den”
–Select “Edit Den” That will bring up a new selection box with lots of options for editing the den. On the top left of the Box you will see “Den Number” then below that will be “Den Level”
----Select "Den Level and a drop down box will open. Simply select or change the den BACK to the “level” or RANK you advanced them from. Then at the Bottom of the box in the middle is a “Save” button
------Select “Save” and the selection box will disappear. Now the Whole Den has been demoted, unadvanced or changed to the newly selected “Level”.
--------Now open SB back up and refresh your Pack Page and you will notice all the dens have reverted to the original “Level” from the 2022-2023 year and you can go back into the dens and add the adventures that go overlooked.
----------Once you are all done, Advance the dens once again.

Hope this helps.

Keep 'Em Scouting


Good suggestion on this! This is a new feature that a lot of us pure Scoutbook users, myself included, could easily overlook.


Even easier… if you only need to add a few missing Adventures, there’s no need to switch Dens around. You can simply go to each Scout’s Advancement page for the prior ranks and add the missing Adventures. It’s not as simple as Quick Entry (which only allows Adventures for the current Den level), but if you only have a few to add (or even more than a few), this might be a lot easier than switching the Dens back and forth.


Great answers… I was able to use the suggestion from Sage to add everything I needed.


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