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Add Connection Button not showing up for MBC

Edit 4/23/2020: This may have been related to YPT status. The “add” button was available the day after I retook YPT. It had expired.

My profile in scoutbook is perfectly fine:

I do not have an “Add” button to add a scout for a merit badge:

I was able to add a scout a month ago. Any thoughts as to why the Add button no longer appears?

That what I don’t have either because I should have approve by my local council but somehow i am not approve or something.


This may be because of the issue that has caused some MBC positions to be duplicated. I suggest waiting until that problem is fixed and duplicates are removed. We expect the issue to be resolved this week.

Plus on my scoutbook it says “Contact the Unit Admins if you want to change your level of permission with each Scout,” for permission. Thank you for all everyone does for scouting and the time to fix, update and figure out the problems.

My YPT was expired. The day after I retook it, the “Add” button was there. I don’t know if those two things were related or not.

Hi, @KimberlyHansen,

I have had a similar problem for a while now. Apparently there was an issue when my council uploaded their MBC list to Scoutbook some time back which ended my previous MBC position, but did not create a new one. Ever since they first uploaded the file, I’ve been in the same situation. Unfortunately, once the council uploads the list, they have sole control to get the list correctly uploaded. They can get support from some folks working with Scoutbook, but in the end, it’s essentially in their hands.

Have you been able to verify that your council has uploaded a MBC list? If you try to add a merit badge counselor position for yourself at My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Positions -> Add, does the system not allow you to add one? If not, then your council has uploaded the list and only they can straighten out the list issues.

Are you also a leader or parent in a unit? That’s what I believe the note is referring to. I’m a unit admin, and it says the same thing at the top of My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Connections


Yes, they were related. When any leader’s YPT expires, they are no longer permitted to work with any Scouts. Scoutbook does not show MBCs with expired YPT in the search results or allow them to connect to Scouts.

The day after taking YPT, MBCs will be restored to the search results and be permitted to connect to Scouts. This is the behavior you saw.

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I am a Merit Badge Counselor but hopefully somehow all of this will be fixed or updated somehow. Thanks.

Hello, my name is Kimberly Hansen, my BSA id# 12191724 and I am approve as a Merit Badge Counselor for New Birth of Freedom (Keystone Capital 04) In scoutbook my clearances and things are up to date. Under the My Connection tab, I don’t have an red Add button to connect to a scout. The message I have is this “This page is where you can see all the Scouts you are connected to and your level of permission you have been given. Contact the Unit Admins if you want to change your level of permission with each Scout.” I should not need to be approve by a unit as I have been a Counselor for 5 years. Can this be fixed? Thanks

@KimberlyHansen , What do you see when you go to:

My Account -> My Positions ?

Is your Youth Protection Training up to date? The button hides when Youth Protection Training expires.

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No my youth protection is fine

@KimberlyHansen It looks like you are in a council that has not uploaded its Merit Badge Counselor list to Scoutbook.

In councils that have not uploaded its MBC list, you need to find a troop that is using Scoutbook and have a Troop Admin approve your Merit Badge Counselor position (in Scoutbook). After a Troop Admin has approved your position, you will see a green shield with checkmark to the right of the Merit Badge Counselor position.

I recommend that you combine all of your Merit Badge Counselor positions into a single MBC position associated with a single troop. Having multiple MBC positions might be causing issues. From your single position, you can associate with Scouts in multiple units.

Your MBC position should look something like this (the listing preference in this example is set to all Scouts within this council):

Merit Badge Counselor position

@KimberlyHansen - that was the one thing I noticed as well, none of the MBC roles were given an approved check mark. Now when a council uploads the list it looks like this:

Ok I will try that and see what happens. Thanks.

So if it ask for a BSA Unit Discription, what do I put?

Most likely the problem is because you have multiple MBC positions. You should have only one MBC position and set your Listing Preference so that you appear in searches for the desired unit(s), district(s) or Council.

The MBC position also needs to be approve by a unit admin.

BSA Unit Discription means the charter organization that the unit is associated with. You should be able to select from a list once you put the troop number in.