MBC Not showing up

I am an MBC, and in my Scoutbook account am showing up as a MBC with my badges and the Green Shield. However, in my connections tab, cannot add a scout, and when looking at the MBC List tab, I am not showing up. I went to connect to a scout, and the scout’s parent seemed to only be able to connect me as I had already been connected to the scout for a different badge. For the professionals: my various ID Numbers are 124897153 & 7893200

@VictorMeschi - have you looked at this:

I hadn’t, but I fall apart in step 1, with the lack of an “Add” button. Im in there with the list of badges, and the approved symbol; and I have used the tools described in the rest of the post before. It’s really just the finding me as a counselor. And I am set to be listed, which I didn’t mention above.

@VictorMeschi - so you do not have the add button on your connection page ?

Correct. (extra text to get to 20 chars)


There is a known issue where Scoutbook is not updating YPT dates. Since your YPT lapsed, your MBC position was hidden and you are not permitted to connect to Scouts as an MBC.

The developers are working on a solution and we hope to have an interim fix that will restore MBC functionality in situations like your’s until the final solution is implemented.

Do you know when it will update next?


At this point we do not know. The SUAC just found out about the problem yesterday before your post. We will post in the Change Log forum when the interim and final solutions are implemented.

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