Add School to Report Builder - export to .xls

In our Pack, the majority of our dens are school based and our Scouts come from at least four different schools. It would be very helpful if Report builder would let us run a pack report that includes the school.

Report builder would be a lot more useful if one of the options was to export to an .xls spreadsheet. I can get to one but it requires printing the report to Adobe then exporting the .pdf file to an .xls file.

There are plans to add this field to Roster Builder (different from Report Builder). In the meantime, a Pack Admin can Export / Backup → Scouts, which will output a csv file that can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet program.

Where is the school data entered? BSA membership database? Scoutbook database?

School data is entered in the Scoutbook database. The Feature Assistant Extension can be used to update school data quickly.

Jennifer: That works. Thank you.

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