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A document / report that can pull all the information we have on file for a scout into a single page document would be helpful for ensuring we have accurate contact info etc for each scout. Currently I am pulling csv roster reports and then using a complicated vlookup excel file to produce a comprehensive information sheet for each scout that includes any info we have for the scout and the parents for the scout. Here is a sample of the document I have created that I ask each family to review each year to make sure nothing needs to be updated.


You can get most if not all of that information from Roster Builder.

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In a single sheet per scout? I have not figured out how to spit out a comprehensive report on a single scout.


You would select just the Scout you want to report on if you want a single sheet per Scout.


Or you could dump the Roster Builder data into a CSV and create your own format from that.

This is what I am currently doing. Luckily I am fairly good at navigating excel so I created a report- that sample image I showed in my initial post is doing just that. However, everytime the roster reports are changed it breaks the functionality of my single sheet excel report and I have to fix it or the changes to the roster data dump.

@RachelVirden - have you looked at the export/backup section in the unit page ? But certainly the BSA is not going to add a report with your unit logo

Thanks for the suggestion. I have poked around with those reports and they do include some info but the scout export does not include parent name or BSA ID (just email). The adult report does not include any scout name or BSA ID for the scout they are tied to so there is no good way to marry the two reports. Both are also missing the Health form fields (and maybe a few others but that is the obvious one I didnt see).

I have no specific concern or wish to have our pack logo on the report if there was an easy way to spit out a single scout report. The sample I included was simply to illustrate what I created and when I create a report I put our logo on it. That is in no way a deal breaker or even something I am asking for.

In thinking this through more it would be ideal if the Cub Scout History Report included a second page that listed all the contact info, parent info, etc for that scout so parents could verify all official information in the system was accurate periodically - both advancement and contact info.

@RachelVirden - my best advice is to leverage the Den Leaders and parents themselves. The den leader should keep accurate records of advancement and scout/family changes such as email, phone numbers and addresses. The parents can via scoutbook > IA change their personal information along with that of their scout. This job should not be a one person operation. That is why you have den leaders and their assistants along with committee members.

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