Using Scoutbook Data

Does anyone know if there’s an ODBC connection available to pull data from Scoutbook?


There is not

Thanks for the quick reply.

Is there any other way to pull data into Excel or a CSV so we can do our own custom reports?

We’re looking to generate reports to help us plan meetings for the younger scouts (<1st Class) and help track the older scouts on their advancements and MB status.


Have you used Report Builder? I use it to build reports for all of my Scout’s rank advancement.

You could try to have an admin use the Export/Backup feature to extract what has been completed but I suspect you can already get what you are looking for from Report Builder.

Another trick is to make sure that the reports are shared, so that various scouters can generate the same report easily (without each person having to redefine it). We’ve used that approach in the past for ASMs to provide Trail to First Class status info to the patrol leaders that they “advised” (or the SM to provide to the SPL/ASPLs).

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