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Give it a little time and see if the PO closes on it’s own (that is what the latest user guide said it will do)

Is the Palm count issue, a SB issue you see even without using the cart system?

@MelissaVallet - personally i would stick with the process that always worked…

As of right now, it’s still open. I’ll keep you posted.

Yes, it’s on the PO that way.

That’s definitely the plan. lol

Someone has to beta test! (Or Alpha)


I still don’t understand your palm issue.

Your purchase order screenshot shows 1 Bronze, 1 Gold and 1 Silver.

Are you was incorrect in the cart?

Or adding the Eagle Palm to the PO in Scoutbook is the concern? Can you provide more information on the issue? It doesn’t look like that has anything to do with the cart button. Am I correct?

7 palms? Are you sure?
1 Silver Palm for 15 badges over the 21 for Eagle
1 Gold Palm for 10 badges over the 21 for Eagle
1 Bronze Palm for 5 badges over the 21 for Eagle.

you mix them to equal the number of badges the Scout earned over the 21 for Eagle.
see the article here:

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Yes, 7 Palms. The configuration that auto populated in Scoutbook only adds up to 30, instead of 35 like it should’ve. It’s incorrect on the purchase order, so a Scoutbook issue.

I left you a direct message about the Palms

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On the closing of the PO. I am being told that later tonight a fix is going in that will close your PO. And prevent the issue going forward.
You may have to refresh the screen to see the change.

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We are going to ask the programmers to provide a way to adjust the PO for Palms. It will probably take a few weeks or longer to get implemented.

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The programmers are saying all the palms you need are in your needs purchasing report. They were not selected and put in the PO. You will need to do that.

I don’t have any items remaining in my Needs Purchasing for Troop G. I selected all 7 Palms and what’s showing on the PO is what auto populated. All 7 Palms show on the Advancement Report.

Thanks, the programmer will look into it

Just an FYI, after the SB maintenance window tonight, the POs will no longer be locked and people can cancel an order simply by abandoning (closing) the Scoutshop window prior to completing the order.

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I checked Scoutbook this morning and the PO has been closed and my account is unlocked. Thank you for all of your help!

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