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Add/Track a Scout in Scoutbook

I am a Scoutmaster of a troop, but in addition to my troop, I am sometimes invited to work with other Scouts, such as in the capacity of a merit badge counselor. When the parent sends me an invitation, I receive the email, with a link to login to Scoutbook, but without an invitation code. However when I login to Scoutbook, I can’t see the scout, nor track his advancement.

I am able to see the scout in my list if I change the URL for the Quick Entry page to remove the unit and / or patrol IDs.

Is this the intended behavior of the system, or am I or the parents doing something wrong?

@MarkHenrichsen - the scout would show up in your account in your connections as your only link is as MBC. The quick entry as you noticed is also a location as again you as only the MBC so running QE on the requirements or entire badge completion would be the limit of your rights. The Chrome scoutbook feature assistant can add additional items to make the MBC task easier.

Is there no way to add these Scouts to my dashboard?

@MarkHenrichsen - that is something that feature assistant will do if memory serves me.


There are items in the backlog to improve the MBC experience. We do not know when this work will be scheduled.

The volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant for Chrome and Firefox will add an MBC section to your dashboard.

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