SM cannot search for MBCs


New SM here, converted from ASM/Unit Advancement Chair – I can verify that i’m registered and active in the SB and Unit roster

All of a sudden, I cannot search for MBC’s for my Scouts – When I start an MB, provide the initial signature, then click “Invite Merit Badge Counselor” in the past, I would get a list of MBC’s that I can choose (generally they’ve communicated already) but now all I see is his “connections” – when I click MBC only, I cannot find anyone – despite the fact that i’ve connected MBC’s to other Scouts in the previous way.
The previous SM mentioned this, but I thought it was user error.

What am I missing?



It sounds like you had the Feature Extension on before but now it is off

What is Feature extension?


Scoutbook Feature Extension for Chrome and Firefox. It adds features to Scoutbook that are not native such as being able to search for and invite MBCs in 1 step. Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for Scoutbook.

This was 100% the reason – Thank you…

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