When I click on Invite Counselor to add a MBC to a scout's desired MB, Scoutbook takes me to the scouts connection page

Previously, when I would invite a counselor, the available counselors within a desired mile radius would pop up. Now it is just the scout’s connection page. If I press “Add”, I have to enter the adult’s name into the search field… but I do not know who the available MBC is for the particular badge.
Please advise,
Thank you,

This is the way Scoutbook works.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox, it will allow you to search for an MBC then connect the one you select to the Scout.

so you are saying I need to make sure I am using chrome or Firefox browser?

Chrome or Firefox with the Feature Assistant Extension installed.

@HollySutcliffe - this is a part of the feature assistant and not native to scoutbook.

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