Added a Scout who already had an account

I added a Scout to our Pack not knowing he already had an account. I didn’t add his BSA number or much else besides his name. I tried to delete the one I created and it asked for my password which it said was wrong. Am I not able to delete him? There’s no BSA number attached so I don’t know why it wouldn’t let me delete it.

@MoiraHoneyman - perhaps this will help

That’s a good idea - at least I won’t see the duplicate in the den!

@MoiraHoneyman If you are a unit Admin, you should be able to delete it, because it is a duplicate with no BSA member number. Your single sign on (SSO) password should work.

If you still cannot delete it, please post the Scoutbook userID (found on the Scout’s Edit Profile page) – we do not need names. Scout’s initials would also allow us to find the Scout.

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