Need an account deleted

My son created a scoutbook account because his Scoutmaster told him to. But when my I (Mom) go to my account to link us together it says he already has an account and to delete the new one. There is no delete button that we see on his new account. How can we get the new account deleted? Thanks so much and I will let the Scoutmaster know the correct way to do this.

Well scouts should NEVER make a Scoutbook account. Not even sure how they did it. Did he go to and make one? Scoutbook accounts are automatically generated with memberships. Post the BSA # and we can look at it.

The account that needs deleting is bsa# 14221564

@GingerCato This should be fixed.

When your son created the account at my.scouting, the first name had a typo, so a new BSA member number was created.

Thank you Jennifer. I appreciate you helping me. Have a great day.

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What he tried to do would have worked if not for the typo. A matching name and DOB would have allowed him to retrieve his existing membership info.

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