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Adding a Nanny

We have a Cub Scout who will be brought to meetings by a nanny, and the parents would like her to get Scoutbook notifications. Because it is not simple to remove a parent connection, I do not want to add her that way. However, in the past, emails and things did not seem to go to my father-in-law when listed as “other family member.” Ideally we would just add the nanny’s email address as a second one under one of the parents, so they could remove it later. But I see that the second email address that can be entered during account creation just goes to a void and doesn’t actually seem to mean anything. Any tips?

@ErinBrown - adding the nanny as other family would be fine. I would not provide more than view on profile

I don’t think Other Family Get emails unless specifically added - so for events the nanny will have to be added - not just the scout

In this situation, I would create a fake scout in the same den and add the Nanny as a parent to that fake scout.

The Parent account is not hard to remove as long as the Parent (nanny) is willing to do it. I would just try having the Parent share the calendar sync with the Nanny to be added to the Nanny’s phone. No e-mail or reminders, but all the places / times the Scout needs to be.

We would love to add den chiefs (or, rather, their parents) to our different dens. Specifically, we want them to get our pack and den specific emails. It would be great for the “other” option to have the ability to receive emails and RSVP to events. Just food for thought, if any powers that be are reading these threads.

If the nanny is 18+, fill out an adult application and have them complete the YPT training and put them down as an Assistant Den Leader.

If the family can afford a nanny, they can pay the $33 annual dues. If the individual is 18 or over, they really do need to go through YPT if they are going to be around scout meetings.

If they are under 18, then have them sign up with a troop, crew, or ship–and serve as a Den Chief (where they also complete the YPT training).


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