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Editing parent email addresses

I’m assuming that we’re not allowed to edit the parent email address field so that we can’t get around the YPT rules that automatically copy them in on correspondence with their child?
Is there any chance we could be given the ability to ADD a second email address? I count myself lucky when a parent gives me a way to contact them. Replying that they’ll have to update it themselves is likely to go nowhere. We don’t use Scoutbook for much except advancement and since that is mostly done during den meetings the parents don’t need to log in if they don’t want to, and many don’t remember how.
We don’t have email addresses stored for kids at the pack level anyway, but if we did, not allowing the leaders to add new addresses that parents give us would set up exactly the situation that this rule is trying to prevent.

Scoutbook only supports a single email address per user. It would require a major architecture change to support multiple addresses. I doubt the BSA would entertain such a change.

You can always create another parent. There is no limit on how many parents a scout can have. But I’d be careful in doing so since it could become confusing if you have multiple versions of the same person listed.

Yep, and added to that, once you create a parent connection in Scoutbook, the unit admin cannot delete it.

The simplest thing to do (and I know you want something the parents don’t need to mess with) is to have the parents create a rule/filter in their email app to forward Scoutbook emails to their other email addresses.

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