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Adding my voice to the need for a Den Chief role for Packs to use to add older Scouts serving in our pack. I am currently using a work around with the parents’ accounts, but I have a den chief who has asked - multiple times - that I add HIS personal email address to the communication…and Scoutbook absolutely will not let me since he has used the email address in Scoutbook. The system won’t let me add him as an assistant leader, it won’t let me add him as a scout (obviously), it won’t let me add him as a family member of a dummy “Den Chief” scout… I have had to tell him there is literally no way for me to honor his request to be independent and take more leadership in his den chief role instead of relying on his parents to pass on information. :confused:

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By any chance is the scout’s email account through google? If so, you can take the email address and add something like:

scoutsEmailAddress +DenChief@gmail.com

to the “scoutsEmailAddress @gmail.com”. Gmail will treat the “+WhateverYouTypeHere” as a tag, but deliver to the base email address.

I’ve used that in several cases to accommodate families that all use a single email address. family1+mom @gmail.com, family1+dad @gmail.com

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I have a parent of each den chief in Scoutbook shown as unit Scouter reserve. Now, it appears they will show up on my rechartering paperwork. I haven’t seen this myself; I’m not personally handling the recharter. But if so, I really don’t care. The council can drop them, and I’ll add them back in January.

I mark the parent present in order to track the den chief’s attendance.

I’d rather just have a way to add “den chief parent” to a pack than “den chief,” if I only have one choice. It removes the problem with having to cc the parent for youth protection purposes. Only the parent gets the email.

We have a new Den Chief, and I’d love to be able to have him in Scoutbook to sign off on his requirements. It would be nice if we could also add a parent and a Troop leader so they can be made aware of our calendar and track his progress.

On the cubscout level there is nothing that you will need to sign off for that den chief. His scoutmaster or designee will sign everything off back at the troop


@kevinwindisch I think @ShelleyAlters might be referring to the Den Chief Service Award. Most of the requirements are pack-related, so the Cubmaster / Den Leader should be in communication with the troop as to how the Den Chief is doing.

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