Adding a Parent without sending an invite?

Is there a way to added parent connections for a scout without having to send the parent an invite to join Scoutbook? I’d like a feature to disable invites.

What would the purpose of such a feature be, @VictorHart ? Scoutbook’s messaging features are all predicated on the idea that every scout has a connected parent, and that YPT requirements are satisfied, at least in part, by automatically copying that connected parent on all communications with the scout.

I am moving all the parents contact information into Scoutbook from Packmaster and I do not want to blast emails to all parents during the summer months. Once our Pack starts back up again in Sept. and I update the parents that we are moving to Scoutbook then I would send the invites.

Our pack ran all year, so I hadn’t thought of that application. That said, I’m not aware of any way to do that, and I would suspect there isn’t one, based on my previous comments regarding YPT.

I think (but am not sure) the Feature Extension can mass import parents without inviting - then you have to go back and invite. @GaryFeutz ?

There isn’t any way to create parents without emailing them. The process is to invite the parent to connect to the Scout (which asks for email, and automatically sends the invitation) then you can go in and edit the parent profile to add missing contact information.

The extension simply automates that process on a larger scale, eliminating your need to go through all the pages (it still does them, just in the background).

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