Best Way to Connect Parents in Scoutbook

I just transferred 9 scouts into our troop from the Pack. The Pack did not use Scoutbook to communicate to parents, nor did the parents ever accept the invitation to join and therefore never accessed Scoutbook. Because of this I have 2 issues that I need assistance with…

  1. One scout doesn’t have a parent listed at all. Is it best to add the Parent through Scoutbook ~OR~ Should they go to my.scouting to set up an account and wait for them to let me know once they’ve gotten back to me so I can double check I see the email and then send them the invite?

  2. Some of the scout parents have new email addresses, so I cannot send another invitation. They obviously have an account, so is it best to have them go to using the old email address and clicking forgot password to reset it? If not, what is the best way to get them logged in so that I can invite them to Scoutbook?

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