Multiple Parent Emails for One Scout

I have had several parents request for both parents to receive the emails from Scoutbook. I’ve spoken with our DE and also tried exploring this to make it work and can’t. I read a post from 2019 that said this was not an option. Have any changes been made to Scoutbook that makes this possible? If not, can this update please be considered? Thanks so much!

Right now the Parent Connection tool is broken to add other parents.

The most reliable workaround is, if the parents have a account, is for them to log into Scoutbook with their ID and PW, navigate to My Account → My Connections then click the “Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian” near the top of the page. The parent will need the Scout’s BSA Member ID, last name and date of birth to connect.
If the parent does not have a ID, they should create one then use the process above.

Alternately, you can ask your Council to add a connection between the Scout and parent in Registrar Tools. About 24 hours later, the Scout & Parent will be connected. The parent will still need a ID to access Scoutbook.


Scoutbook will copy all parents/guardians connected to a Scout whenever an e-mail is sent to the Scout.

Currently, the search in Scoutbook is broken such that non-leader parents cannot be located to connect. There are a cople workarounds.

  1. Ask your Council to connect the parents to the Scout via registrar tools. About 24 hours later, the parent will be connected to the Scout in Scoutbook. Note the parent needs a BSA Member ID for this to work.
  2. The parent(s) can connect themselves to the Scout by logging into Scoutbook with their ID (or creating an ID then logging in) then going to My Account → My Connections and clicking on Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian. The parent will need to provide the Scout’s BSA Member ID, last name and date of birth to make the connection.

Do the the missing parents already have an account? If not go to the scout’s connection page and click add. Then, enter the parent’s info in the create new adult account section.

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