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Connecting a parent to a 2nd scout sends an invite again?

I have a parent that has two scouts in the pack. After an import operation to Scoutbook, the parent is connected to one scout.

When I try and connect the parent to the 2nd scout, it won’t add the parent without sending an invitation. Shouldn’t sending the invitation again be considered a bug?

Thanks in advance
Ben Slade
Pack 478 of Kensington MD

This is functioning properly as it is a different connection that takes user action to establish

Ok, I understand. I just have to say, using the term “invite” sounds like inviting membership to the pack. Using “invite” to ask for connection confirmation is not at all intuitive.

Further confusing things is the fact that the default email notification message is, “I just setup an account for you on Scoutbook”. This is why I thought it was asking for an account to be setup.

Also, do you really need to confirm connections entered by the pack administrator? It’s just extra emails sent to parents with multiple scouts.

Ben Slade
Pack 478 of Kensington MD

Agree. The onboarding experience for parents needs to be super clear and clean. Leaders can deal with some awkwardness, but parents (especially new parents) need to enjoy this experience or it will push them away from the tools.

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