Adding a previously removed scout to a den

I removed a scout from a den when his parents said he wasn’t returning. I made sure to leave the connections in place so if he came back or joined a different pack they would be able to move his account. They’ve now changed their minds and I need to add him back into the den but can’t find him to re-add him. He’s not listed on the pack roster. Any suggestions?

Hi, @jamiegerken,

There are a couple of approaches that occur to me. One is, since you say you left his connections in place, you should be able to find him in your connections and add a new membership in the pack. Click on the scout’s name, then on his memberships, then add one in the pack. Then, once he’s added to the pack, you can move him into a den.

Alternatively, the parents should be able to log in and add a membership in your pack to his account. Then, you could approve it and then move him into a den.

Has the scout been removed from your charter, as well? That you have to fix by submitting an application. Make sure you note he’s a returning scout and already had a Scoutbook account. Include his existing BSA ID number.

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