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Hello , Pack 377 in five creeks district of crossroads of America council has a scout, (name removed by Moderator) who is mysteriously missing from our account. He just doesn’t show up anymore. Can you advise how to retrieve him or add him back in to our account. I can provide his BSA number if needed. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Greg King
Cub Master Pack 377
(e-mail removed by Moderator)

@GregoryKing please do not post names - we just need the BSA # to investigate

@GregoryKing it looks like the mother ended the membership. The Scout is still in your connections. Perhaps a talk with family is needed.

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Can the mother add them back because it was inadvertent. She’s contacted me wanting to know why he isn’t in Scoutbook. Can I add him back from the connections page? Can she add him back from her account? I appreciate any direction on how to get him back into our Scoutbook account. Thank you Donovan.

@GregoryKing You can do it, because you are still connected to the Scout.

In Scoutbook, go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

  1. Find the Scout’s name and click on it.
  2. Click on Scout’s Membership.
  3. Look under Past Memberships, find the correct den membership, and click on it.
  4. Remove the Date Ended and click “Update” to save.
  5. Click on the den membership again, make sure the position is approved, and click “Update” to save.
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Thank you. That took care of it. I appreciate the help. I have been doing this for almost 5 years or more now and that is the first time that I’ve been to the my connections page in my account. I looked under the connections tab of the Pack roster and couldn’t find him, but he was in the connections under my account. I also noticed connections for many scouts who have aged out or quit the Pack which I will clean up now that I know about it. Thanks again.

@GregoryKing You can use the “Clean Old Connections” button to do that quickly.

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