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Adding an Item to the calendar - invitees (leaders) showing duplicate names for most leaders

In trying to add an event to the calendar (campout) it is showing most (not all) leaders in duplicate when selecting invitees. Also it will not allow me to scroll down, only up through the list of names. Duplication is only showing for the leaders. The leaders are not duplicated outside of the calendar in the troop roster. I also tried to do the same activity with the feature extension turned off and the same thing still happened.

Also, I have access to several units as a Scoutmaster of a boy troop, an ASM of a girl troop and a Unit Commissioner. The behavior is happening across all the units.

I’m seeing similar behavior. It appears to be tied to the Camping event type, since I don’t see it for troop meetings or committee meetings.

Observed under latest Firefox on Win10, with and without Feature Assistant, in both regular and private browsing windows. On Chrome, the scrolling issue appears to be eliminated, but the duplicate names issue remains, again with and without the extension and in both regular and incognito windows.

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