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A sneak peek at the new Scoutbook UI?

A duplicate calendar entry showed up in our troop calendar sometime since yesterday. It looks exactly like the original entry, except (1) it cannot be edited/removed/commented (2) it has all leaders and scouts in the invitee list, even those who are not approved members and (3) the details section and below looks like this:

Investigating further in order to come here and write a bug “report”, I clicked on the HERE link…

Note: the URL of the link looks like this, if you want to try it for yourself:


…hinting at the future possibility of being able to RSVP without logging in!

None of the links on the page work, but they link to new URLs that are not part of the current Scoutbook UI.

Note that I have 49,234 “things” on my Dashboard.

The Search function could be nice, but only if they implement it well.

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