Adding Bobcat in a post-Bobcat (6/1/24) world

Today we held our Advencement Ceremony and found out literally as we started that one of my new scouts had just completed their Bobcat. Luckily I keep a stash of rank patches/neckerchiefs/slides ready to go for occasions like this. The problem now comes in the form of Scoutbook. This isn’t a bug, but since I had to choose a subcategory and there’s no category that matches better, I was wondering if it was possible for someone to add the fact that this scout had completed their Bobcat to whatever database just for completeness’ sake? I know it’s probably not a “big deal” but I know they worked hard to get their rank done with life events happening, and I just wanted to get it solifidied in a record somewhere. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided!

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Your local council has the ability to update this if the unit is unable to.

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@KarlJarvis - the category Using Scoutbook would have been a better fit. The unit admins should be able to do this.

To be clear, you mean the retired Bobcat rank (not the Bobcat adventure)? That is not supported in Scoutbook Plus. You will need to reach out to your council registrar to add it to their record.

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