Enter Cub Scout adventures before bobcat?

I am seeing some behaviors in Scoutbook that I would like to have confirmed or denied.

If a Scout has not yet earned Bobcat, does Scoutbook prevent entry of completed adventures for the rank? I have been kicked out as I try to enter completions and I am trying to figure out if that is the missing link.

Our pack has a culture of not awarding Bobcat for new scouts until the Blue and Gold banquet and therefore not focusing on completing that rank, but letting it be learning naturally through the year. Though, I don’t necessarily agree with this process, I had assumed that this is not a big deal and that other adventures can be earned in the meantime, as long as no other rank is completed before Bobcat (besides Lion).

Can anyone confirm if Scoutbook prevents entering Tiger, Wolf or Bear rank requirements if Bobcat is not complete?



Could you detail your exact steps?

Okay. In trying to retrace my steps, I found that I can enter the individual requirements for each adventure after all.

I get kicked out when I try to do adventure quick entry. I was hoping to add all three requirements at once.

Is quick entry broken?

Not that I know of.

Are you doing Quick Entry from the pack page? Or the den page?


Is the Scout in a den? The behavior you describe happens when a Scout is not in a den.

I also recommend your pack read the Guide to Advancement. The Guide says awards are to be presented at the next opportunity such as the next pack meeting and not held to be awarded at once. If a Scout completes Bobcat in October, for example, the patch should be presented at the October or November pack meeting.

He is in a den. He is in a wolf den, and I just found out that they finished some adventures in the spring but never entered them into Scoutbook and he didn’t come to the last pack meeting, so he never received the belt loops. His den leader got a new job and left her role before the end of the year, so the den leader who took over missed some things. I have been trying to get everything updated.

I agree about awarding right away, and this is why some of the den leaders are suggesting not working on bobcat until January, then they award in February. I disagree with this plan, but am letting them choose since I step down as advancement chair at the end of December.

This is for Billy B. in Wolf Den 9B, Pack 3079. I go to the den, the scout’s advancement, select the adventure for the rank, in this case, My Tiger Jungle, and select quick entry at the top, hoping to enter three requirements for him instead of one at a time.

One parent reached out to me and I am trying to rectify the situation for him and simultaneously asking the den leader to let me know the full status of all the scouts from the spring.

Also, I will just go in and do the requirements one at a time since I can complete it that way. Now I am just curious as to why Scoutbook is behaving this way.

Don’t the advancement requirements specify that all cub scouts have to earn Bobcat before they can work toward be awarded their grade-appropriate rank? I’ll admit my data on that is old (I’ve been ASM in a troop for several years now). Wouldn’t that be how Scoutbook implements the advancement rules?

I realize that I’m kinda riding the line between “program” advice and “technical” advice, but I think it’s that interaction that’s causing the apparent issue.

ETA: I was wrong and made corrections inline above. It’s complete Bobcat before awarding the grade-appropriate rank, not complete Bobcat before starting the grade-appropriate rank. 2021 Guide to Advancement For what it’s worth, it appears to work (sorta) that way on the sandbox server. I couldn’t mark a cub rank Completed or Leader Approved until Bobcat was marked Completed. It did not require that the Bobcat be marked Leader Approved, however.

@AngelaKoch - the bsa guide to advancement is really clear on how this works abd your pack is making its own rules. That is not good nor how it is supposed to be.


If you are trying to enter Tiger adventures for Scout in a Wolf den via Quick Entry, I’m not surprised it is not working correctly. Are you able to enter Wolf adventures for this Scout via Quick Entry?

adventure quick entry for wolf does work for him!

it does seem to be the issue that quick entry won’t work for the adventures that aren’t for his level

thanks for thinking this through with me!


thanks for clarifying, I was getting ready to go back in and re-read the GTA. it seems necessary to allow cubs to make progress without hindrance - if parents want to take 6 months to go through the pamphlet, we don’t want that preventing the Scouts from earning adventures.

Oh the great “please just lie to me and say you did it” Requirement

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