Adding Multiple Connections (in SCOUTBOOK)

Is there a way to add multiple connections at the same time… like for a merit badge clinic.
like the function to sign off multiple requirements for a single badge for several scouts?

For setting up the connections if working with scouts from the same troop, a troop admin can use the feature assistant extension.

For marking requirements complete, use the “quick entry for merit badge counselors” under my dashboard.

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Also, if you are the counselor, you can set up multiple connections to scouts inside or outside yor troop using the extension.

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As mentioned previously, you can add multiple connections with the extension. See; 8ah. Merit Badge Counselor Quick Invite Extension for Scoutbook.pdf - Google Drive

If you are not using the extension now, see the instructions here on how to install it.

More help for MBCs is here:

Thank you for the help it works fantastic


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