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Connect with Merit Badge Counselor

I only just found my Scoutbook login, so so sorry if this is an obvious question-

Merit badge counselor’s asking to connect with me through Scoutbook to work on a merit badge. Looking around in the functions I can add a merit badge but can’t connect to a specific counselor on my side, and a help article I found said they have to be the one to add me. The counselor said the scout has to add the adult for safety reasons and they double checked and could not sign off because I hadn’t added them as as counselor. But there wasn’t any option to add them as counselor?? I definitely checked??
I found a popup that said “Invite your Scoutmaster or unit leader to connect so they can sign your merit badge” but it had no instructions as to how.
How do I connect with the counselor? Or am I just missing a button somewhere?

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What is your role: are you a Scout, parent, or leader in a troop?

I’m a Scout in the troop

As a scout, you do not have that functionality. However, your parent does. They can go to your page, click your connections, click add, type in the Counselor’s email address, click search. Then, select the MBC connection type and the MB.

Alternatively, the counselor can set it up by clicking my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections > add. Then, they need you member number.

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