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Adding new member- can we select what calendar events they can automatically add to?

So when I add a new member, they’re not automatically added to invites for pack events in the calendar. I don’t want to have to manually add invites for every event each time someone joins. How about a select button that hopefully defaults to “Pack events” at least. We can manually add dens. But to click through every event in the calendar is too hard.

We jumped ship on our other calendars and were really hoping scoutbook would be the place, but this feature needs to work.

There is not presently a native method to do this in Scoutbook, but you can alter the invite list for any given calendar using the Feature Assistant Extension, created by @GaryFeutz, a volunteer scouter. There are instructions for bulk updating the invitee list in the help documentation for the FAE. There are links to installation instructions and the help documentation at the link I provided above.

Thanks for the assist. I’ll try that out in the mean time.

Maybe another, easier option, would be to allow members to select their own feeds from the pack calendar rather than relying on invites to populate their viewable events.

Sort of an self-invite process, where individuals add themselves to the event?

AFAIK, if a user adds the .ics weblink to their calendar as a feed (rather than copying the events), everything in the linked calendar shows up irrespective of invitation status. There are instructions for how to do so at help.scoutbook.com. I’ve seen it done under Google calendar, Outlook calendar, and iCal (?) on iPhones. I’m not an iPersonTM, so I’m not exactly sure what the proper Apple calendar name is.

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So what you mean is that if a new member opens the calendar, they can select “subscribe” to all things they want (pack and their den), and it’ll link all the upcoming events? They would only lose the “my events” view in scoutbook. If so, that could be the solution.

That’s my understanding. The My Calendar space in Scoutbook (and in the Scouting app, if they use it) will be empty. They won’t be able to RSVP (since they’re not invited), and they will similarly not receive any reminders that go out (same reason).

Generally, I run an update using the Feature Assistant for our troop events when we have new scouts join (and appear on the roster).

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