New Scouts not automatically added to calendar events

Events are created, both Pack and Den. When events are created, we use the “select all” for adding parents/scouts as appropriate, for a Den or Pack event. We have recruitment and new scouts are registered and entered by Council. They show up in Scoutbook. They are now members of the Pack. We assign those new scouts to Dens.
Scoutbook does NOT automatically add those Scouts/parents to the future events. As such, we have to manually add each one to each future event as we utilize Scoutbook for attendance, reminders, etc. We have almost 40 new scouts. It’s untenable.
If the entire Pack is invited to a Pack event (same logic for Den events), why doesn’t Scoutbook automatically add the new members to future events? Is there a way to make this happen?

This is clearly an ongoing problem that needs addressed.

Automatically, no. Semi-automatically, yes. The Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox has the ability to march through the various events and add scouts.

Feature Assistant: Feature Assistant - What is it?

ETA: I know this has been requested, but it’s not clear when or if it will be undertaken by development.

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Are there directions on how to do this (bulk edit events, not install the extension)? Some of my Den Leaders aren’t very savvy with Scoutbook, but can follow directions.



The only option without the extension is to edit each event one at a time.

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Thanks! Has anyone developed a detailed (screenshots?) manual for the extension that I could forward to my leadership? I have about 60 kids and a large leadship team, some of which, surprisingly, struggle with Scoutbook’s basic tasks.

Extension help can be found by clicking on the extension icon then selecting Go to Help Documents. This is the only help that I know of for the extension.

I was pretty sure that, in addition to the help docs (which are pretty detailed) reached via the route @edavignon posted, there was a link to the extension’s how-to pages from the install link itself.

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