Adding scouts to an event is also adding their parents

When adding all scouts or scouts from a particular patrol to an event, their parents are also being added to the event. The parents will already be notified that their child was invited, we don’t need them on the invite too. This also muddies the water for events where we actually do want all the parents to come, like a COH.

It might help if you add more preset groups to choose from. Like: All Scouts, All Parents, All Scout Facing Leaders…


There are items in the backlog to add separate Select All for Leaders, Parents and Scouts. At this time we do not know if or when it will be scheduled for development work.

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I second the above request. I saw that the latest update now allows Leaders Only, Parents Only and Leaders who are parents Only. My biggest need is an easy way to add Scouts Only. Sounds like it’s still on the list, which is great. Thanks!


A Select All Scouts is already in the backlog.