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Cannot add leaders other than patrol admin to a new patrol event, preventing event from being created

We attempted to create a new patrol event for the purpose of generating the required permission slips. When creating the event, we were unable to add any leaders other than the patrol admin, not even any of our troop Key-3. We were able to add additional parents but still were unable to save the event since Scoutbook was reporting that we did not have enough leaders listed as attendees… What did we do wrong and how do we work around it in the future?
The workaround we used this time was to create the event as a troop event. In this case, any of the troop leaders could be added in addition to the patrol administrator.
The event is now concluded but we would like to know how to avoid the issue in the future.


There was a fix released yesterday so that parents/guardians with e-mail recorded in Scoutbook can fulfill the 2 adult requirement on calendar notices. If you do not have parents of your Scouts loaded into Scoutbook, you will need each patrol to have a minimum of 2 ASMs and/or Patrol Admins in order to create events.

Never received notification of the fix. Does yesterday’s update allow other leaders, in addition to the Patrol Admin to be added to a patrol event or does it allow only the addition of parents? What about a leader that is the parent of a scout in the patrol?

The fix counted parents toward the two needed adults.

All changes are posted in the Change Log category.

The calendar now requires 2 adults be invited to any event with Scouts invited. These can be leaders or parents/guardians. Adults who have opted out of receiving e-mail from Scoutbook will not count towards the minimum 2 adults.

Only leaders assigned to a den/patrol will appear on the leader selection list. If you are trying to add an even to a den/patrol calendar, and have less than 2 leaders assigned to that den/patrol, you will have to invite parents.

Are you saying that none of the troop Key-3 can be added without them being added as leaders for that patrol?

So, there’s a bug in the system, or a workaround depending on how you look at it. If your patrol admin/assigned leader is also a parent in the patrol, that individual appears twice in the potential invitee list (once as a leader, once as a parent). If you invite both “instances” of the person, the event is created.

I recognize that this wasn’t the BSA’s intent, so that likely makes it a bug. For those of us who are trying to work with the calendar, it might be viewed as a work-around.

Hi, @DavidRounds,

That is correct. The unit Key 3 don’t automatically appear as leaders in the potential invitee list for subunits (i.e. dens/patrols). For example, the patrol for which I serve as an admin only shows me:

Sounds like a bug to me. I’ll make sure it’s reported.

It was my understanding that any of the Key-3 were supposed to have full administrative access to everything for their unit in Scoutbook. Are you saying that is not true?

Key 3 do have administration access, unless another unit admin has removed their unit admin roll. Unit admins can edit calendar events but only members of a den/patrol, leaders assigned to the den/patrol and parents/guardians of Scouts in a den/patrol can be invited to den/patrol events.

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