Address showing errors in Unit Pin

I updated our contact info in the Unit Pin last week, and now our unit isn’t showing up when you search by zip code on The listing still exists because I can use a direct link that I saved, but it’s not showing up in search results. I went back into our unit pin and noticed that the location/address fields have an orange error symbol in them like something is wrong, but there is nothing that says what the error is. I’ve tried different addresses and the error symbol still persists. What is wrong with our unit pin address and how can I fix it so that we show up in the zip code search?

@KathrynAlva - while this is not a scoutbook issue, I did look at my units and they show the same markings but the map does indeed point to the correct location. This is more of a issue.

Thanks! I’ll post this in the right spot. :slight_smile:

Kathryn, I moved it for you.

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