Unit and Pin Missing

I’m a council admin and we have been trying to help a unit show up on Everything is correct under Organization Manager\Unit Pin. When we perform a zip code search at beascout, no units show up for this zip code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can you pass this on for investigation?

When did you create this? There is a synchronization period of 12-24 hours. Has that passed?

There are some Zip holes it seems - we have seen others in LHC

This has been ongoing for over a month. We changed the address from a po box to the physical address. Asked the DE to give it 24hrs and report if there is still an issue.

They are just circling back to report that the issue continues.

There is another glitch with this if you click the 20 mile button it skips unit 13 miles away

76644 - if you use the PO Box Zip it shows @SteveCarney @RonaldBlaisdell - it is like the system is holding on to that one - it is still a bug either way

And Shows Council 741?

I have reported this to the IT staff.


Thank you for your attention and help. We look forward to a reply.

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The issue has been resolved.

A couple of items.
(1) Always wait 24 hours to ensure the synchronization has been processed.
(2) If things aren’t right after 24 hours, go back in and edit a line - add a letter, then delete the letter. Save it again, and see if that does not fix the issue. (Don’t forget to wait 24 hours to validate.)
(3) If the second attempt does not fix the problem, ask your council to submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

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