Payment Log Balance Incorrect

I am setting up our Pack to use the Unit Payment Log and followed the guide to add an Initial Bank Balance Adjustment. The issue is that the Balance shows a huge number (-$14,399.29) now which is deceiving. We have used the Scout Payment Logs for years now and built up a large amount of transactions. The Total Cash number is our correct bank balance and I would think that should be the number displayed as the Balance. I feel that I did this correct, but that one number is awful to look at. I did go into all of the past members Payment Logs and zero out their accounts by adding a credit or charge depending on if they were in the black or in the red.

Let me know what’s going on here and if I did something wrong. Thank you.


Same here. It would be better to have some other roll up number. That number displayed is meaningless when describing the financial status of the unit, but it sure draws a lot of attention to itself.

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The issue is that the unit log uses the same coding to show the number as a regular member’s account. However, the unit log is dissimilar because it only tracks payments directly to the unit account. Member payments are tracked in the member logs. While the number shown is technically correct, it is largely useless as it is not something that anyone would ever want to track.

During development, I had asked to not show this number but will ask again (I can’t find the original request). One user found a way to make it useful but it requires double entries


It showing it would be preferred. Making it very small would be #2.

Thank you @GaryFeutz for bringing this issue to the developers.

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