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Administrators of Troop or Pack on troop or pack webpage with links

Even though as the the ACM and probably because I am a new ASM, I don’t know who the 3 administrator of the scoutbook for my troop and pack. Can we add the administrator name and contact information on the website so it is easy to figure out who are the current administrators.

Unit Key 3 are automatic unit Admins in Scoutbook. Key 3 is a BSA term that means:

  1. Unit Leader (Cubmaster / Scoutmaster / Advisor / Skipper)
  2. Committee Chair
  3. Chartered Org. Rep.

Outside of that, if you go to the unit Roster page, you should be able to see who the unit Admins (Pack Admin / Troop Admin / Crew Admin / Ship Admin) are. You can also search the page for “Pack Admin” or “Troop Admin”.

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When you go to the Unit Roster the Leaders who are ScoutBook Unit (Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship) Admins, they have an icon next to their names with two keys. The Den or Patrol Admin has an icon with one key. Existing Unit Admins can add additional Unit Admins. The reason Key 3’s are associated with Unit Admins is because when a Key 3 is added to the Unit, they are automatically made a unit Admin. If you have a Key 3 who is not active in leading the unit, (Like the COR in some cases) one of the other Admins can end the Admin Position for that leader.