Scoutbook Admin?

How do I find out who is our scout book administrator?
Jim Thomson
Cubmaster (Pack 9132), Northern Star Council

@JamesThomson1 - as cubmaster you should by default be an admin

Unit admins will have 2 keys next to their name on the unit roster. image

The roster on Scout Book does not match our recent recharter information.

How does Scoutbook get populated?

Thank you.


I am not.

Do you know how to get that updated?


When you say recent, do you mean in the last couple weeks? If so, that doesn’t get processed until after the first of the year.

In Scoutbook, go to your Unit Roster. Once there look for the Two Keys. Those with the Two Keys are the Administrators. Anyone of them can give you Admin. Rights. I would suggest trying the Committee Chair, first.

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