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Good morning, I am a leader in Troop 333 in Avon Ohio. We are going to begin to utilize Scoutbook. In the past however, a large portion of our members had personal free accounts, or accounts w prior Packs, before crossing over. Also, regarding our charter org I have seen it listed several ways on existing accounts. Whom may I directly talk to regarding a punch list of items ? Posting these items to a bulletin board is not feasible, nor private for the accounts in question Please advise how to submit a defined email punch list or have direct contact with support personnel. Thank you

that is not really possible. What you need to do first is go to scoutbook.scouting.org and log in with your my.scouting.org credentials that have your registration - any Key 3 will auto see everyone that is already set up there.

On September 1, 2020 the BSA ended direct support of end users. Scoutbook support is provided via Council staff and the forums.

How may we change our Key 3 - if some of those currently set as them are not active, nor comfortable doing so to admin our troop ?

OK then may I get contact information to discuss with any of that personnel ?

You change Key 3 but submitting new adult applications registering the new leaders. 24 hours after they appear in Member Manager in my.scouting.org they will appear in Scoutbook.

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We have 21 current leaders - how may the key 3 be changed to the parties whom are interested ? I am assuming the Key 3 are our Troop admins, who have rights to configure our database and permissions Currently people are deemed a “Key” icon whom are not involved in implementing the system

@RobertKuehn1 - the key 3 are unit leader as in scoutmaster cubmaster, committee chair and charter org rep

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OK to clarify, then are they the only people whom can tweak edit configure the Troop’s members and the permissions associated over them ? There is no way for those 3 to appoint others to help with the administration ? Please confirm / clarify whom can configure our unit, and if anyone else may assist or be appointed to do so

The key 3 for your unit can add delegates in my.scouting.org for the unit. They can also designate people in Scoutbook to be admins for the unit. Your council is the best resource to help you figure out the mechanics of your unit leadership roles and how to utilize them.

For troops, “Key 3” refers to the registered Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Rep.


Key 3 are automatic unit Admins in Scoutbook. Key 3 can use the Organization Security Manager at my.scouting to designate one Unit Advancement Chair (UAC) or up to three Key 3 Delegates (K3D), who will also become automatic unit Admins. Please be aware that functional roles such as K3D and UAC expire at the end of the unit’s charter year and need to be redesignated.

In Scoutbook, Troop Admins can create other Troop Admins. Here’s how:



OK, thank you, will inquire there then

@Stephen_Hornak we all know of the BSA 3 letter acronyms and nomenclature of hidden terms and phrases. @edavignon had to point out to me the difference in Eagle Extensions and Special Needs Extensions today - I had no idea - we all learn new things

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@DonovanMcNeil - oh man… let put that red shirt back on :slight_smile: and thanks

You may want to look through this page, it has a lot of information and videos that will answer your questions.

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Ideally you may find it helpful to have more than the key 3 as admins and it may be advisable to have key 3 delegates assigned in my.scouting.org. Additionally make them admin in the scoutbook unit as well. Many hands make light work but they should operate under the same unit rules as it were.

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