Adult Application workflow / approvals

I found an old topic from 2021 regarding this where discussion is already closed, but the question is not answered.

In Organization Manger under the heading of Membership Application Approval, there’s a choice to “Select who has the ability to accept (approve) applications for your unit. Note: this applies only to adult applications”
Options include:

  1. Chartered Org Representative Approval Required
  2. Committee Chair Recommendation and Chartered Org Representative Approval Required

We have selection Option 2 for the CC to recommend the applicant and then the COR approve them. However, both the CC and the COR are getting notified that there is an application pending acceptance and neither can take action on it. It would appear that the workflow should be the CC first and then the COR, but that’s not what’s happening. What does this second option actually do differently from the first in this Org Manager setting?

Next question… Why can an adult submit an adult application without having completed the YPT? I initially thought that as the CC I couldn’t approve the pending application yet because the adult didn’t complete YPT, but after he did, I still cannot take any action on the application and it’s being sent up the line as if I just failed to take action on it.

it appears that even though I haven’t made a “recommendation” as committee chair with that option selected in Org Manager, the COR has a box to review the person’s background screening and make a comment on it. If I as the CC haven’t recommended the person yet, I’m not sure why it’s even at this step.
Here’s what I see:

Here’s what the COR sees:

@RyanPankoe - how about you discuss this with your council.

@Stephen_Hornak when this is your response to every discussion, it’s not helpful. Please refrain and allow those with useful knowledge to respond. I have already had discussions with our Council and they were unable to answer, and our registrar is away, so I’m posting this out to the larger community as it is an issue that will be affecting a larger population with councils opening up adult applications. This is good information for users in the discussion groups to understand the workflow and expectations.

@RyanPankoe - these discussion groups here are not meant as discussions of policy and procedures. Those have been requested to contact your local council. Beyond that not every council has the same adult requirements.

But the application systems all work the same regardless of Council and there is new guidance from National starting in February 2024 about adult applications and the use thereof, so many will come seeking this information when the online system isn’t working as intended. Given that our Council cannot answer the question, I’m posting here to better understand the workflow of the BSA applications and share that knowledge with others seeking the same. As I stated in the beginning, I researched for an answer and found a topic going back to 2021 yet a solution still had not been provided and the discussion already closed. If anyone else has useful insight to these questions, please share.

@RyanPankoe - I understand that but the BSA has stated that these forums are not meant to be general discussions and not about policy and procedure,

I have never seen a CC that wanted the Recommend on so I am unsure of the process - can a COR approve before the CC Recommends? It is a question to ask council if they know the answer - I do not think it is in any document I know of

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There is an “Online Registration Unit Guidebook” at the following link:

If you think that the application process is not working as described or as expected, then I recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to submit a help ticket on your behalf to National.

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@DonovanMcNeil Yes, that is the question… Our COR requested that we turn this on so that the CC can make a recommendation prior to her receiving the application so that she knows that we’ve had a conversation with the individual applying, and that we are requesting they join the unit. However, the CC in this case doesn’t have a “Recommend button” and the COR has already received the application before the anticipated workflow of the CC recommending to her.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger. The direct link is at

On page 11 (13 in PDF), it shows:
Committee Chair recommendation for adult positions –This configuration allows the
Committee Chair to recommend the adult positions to the CR for approval. If this option is set
to “CC and COR Required” the CC will need to Click the Recommend button before the
application is available for the COR to accept.

This is not how the system is working, so we have unintended results. There is no “Recommend button” as descried in the document for the CC, so I will request that the council submit a trouble ticket. If anyone else has insight that may be using this feature and knows how it works, please let us know.

So you still need to talk to council so they can turn in a Membercare ticket on it - that is the only way


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