Processing Adult Applications through my.scouting

I sent one of our parents the “Invitation Link” from Invitation Manager. The adult completed the application and paid the application fee online. I can see the completed application and paid invoice under tools/application manager. It shows "pending acceptance’ and the only actions I have are to [Reassign] or [Do Not Accept]. As TCC how do I accept this application, or can applications only be accepted by the COR?

You need to check and see in Organization Manager → Settings → Who Accepts Applications. It can be set to “COR” or “COR and CC”. So to answer your question more directly, adult apps must be accepted by the COR.

Thank you. I updated the Organizational Manager/Settings.

Follow-up question. When reviewing the application, I don’t see what position code the adult applicant listed (if any). When I recommend an applicant to be
approved by the COR, I want to be sure that the application is getting processed for an appropriate position.

Shawn Smith


You may find the following to be useful:

Training videos include the following and others:

Assigning (selecting) the position appears to be part of the “accept” process. See p. 37 of the Online Registration Unit Guidebook.

We were able to get our first application approved through My Scouting manager…

However, we have a couple of issues.

There is an error with the user account in ScoutBook (see screenshot below).

The wrong position code is showing. This was supposed to be a committee member application (position code MC), however it came over as Unit Scouter
Reserve (position code 91).



Could you double check which position Member Manager says they have in

@ShawnSmith I’ve seen this Scoutbook error message (“email address already exists under another account”) for former youth members of Scouts BSA who were now applying as adult volunteers in our unit. Our solution was to check whether the individual’s youth record was in good shape and then to ask Scoutbook Support to merge the youth and adult accounts for that individual.

One of our new adult applicants made a mistake on his online adult application. How can he edit his application, which is now at the “Pending Acceptance” stage?

Susan, please contact your local council.