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Can't approve an application


Application submitted. Payment received. Why is there no button to approve the application?

Is it a youth or an adult - only CORs can approve Adults.

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Adult. And that will probably be it. I’ll get my COR to give it a try. Thanks!

If CMs are part of the work flow, they have to approve, but are not the final approvers. I believe CMs and SMs can reject. They can also add comments like “I approve this person”.

Unless they have changed things, Cubmasters / Scoutmasters are not part of the workflow for adult applications. Committee Chairs (CC) might be, depending on how the unit has the online application system set up. CC’s can make a recommendation, but the COR approves.

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Yes it is COR and CC on adult applications if they can be submitted online.

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CC is optional, you must check a box for them to be part of the work flow. If the CC box is checked, the CC has to approve or reject. I am a current CC and am in the work flow due to the checkbox.

Until approved, the SM can see the application form adults and comment. I don’t recall 100% if I could reject. I may not have been able to. I was a SM until Jan 21.

I think anyone with access to the Application Manager can see the application.

You should be able to see applications after they are approved. In the Application Manager, you have to turn the filter on to show Completed or Closed applications.

That is an awesome tip! I did not do click since I had nothing to filter. It is a pretty poor interface to hide it, but is great now that I know about it.

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Alrighty we all learn something new which is a good thing. I must admit that the adult application process is disabled for my council so it is a mute point for me to provide input.


Not to brag, but it is very cool. You can set the filter back in time (well, for us max of 2.5 years) and see all Adult or Scout online applications.


Alas COR couldn’t approve the application because according to his records his YPT is expired. Right before the world shut down in March 2020, we had a DE come out and do an in-person YPT. COVID, she was laid off from Council, and it appears paperwork wasn’t submitted.

I have a scan of his YPT certificate. Is there anyway for me to get this in the system, or do I have to force this volunteer to take it again online?

Go to Training Manager in My.Scoouting to add it

That requires he already be with the Troop. His membership lapsed during COVID because PDFs, etc were difficult for him. He’s retired and computers aren’t really his thing.

So where we’re at:

  • We got him to send in an application electronically
  • Our COR cannot approve him because his YPT has lapsed (meaning the system can pin him to his old YPT)
  • He has a current YPT that was never added to the system.
  • I’m trying to add it in Training Manager.
  • Training Manager cannot find him (even though other parts of the system know his YPT is out of date). I think this is probably because Training Manager is only searching, wait for it, our current registrations.

Round and round it goes.

What should I try next?

OH so it is the applicant with the YPT issue - I thought you meant COR (Which was confusing) - Talk to DE or Registrar about the issue - a few emails should clear it up

The COR might be able to add the new YPT date as part of the online application approval process.